In these battles Nelson was outnumbered, outgunned and in less advantageous positions. Yet he had “The Nelson Touch”, (a Man Management Technique some 150 years prior to the term being coined) that swung the balance in his favour. The “Nelson Touch” was controversial in that Admiralty laws were ignored. We shall explore this “Touch”, and then by examining the battle strategies and battle incidents show how it brought success. Flouting Admiralty orders had consequences. However, it was impossible to deny Nelson’s unique ability to win battles. A head wound gave Nelson constant pain and forced his retirement. On the Prime Minister’s promise Nelson agreed to resume command for a final battle. The King with Parliament’s support reneged on the promise, and also rejected public demands for a state funeral and monument. Sailors donating prize money and Lloyds’ underwriters funded the funeral, the public paying for Nelson’s column in Trafalgar Square. 

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LL.B., M.Sc., B.Sc., Master’s Certificate F.G. (Honourable Company of Master Mariners) ***


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1) Aboard ship. When serving as master/senior officer aboard liners. When retired as “Guest Lecturer” aboard cruise ships for several companies.

2) University lecturer, UK based, with frequent lecturing duties in Greece and Iran.

3) Delivering law lectures for those obtaining Law Society credits.

4) “Guest” lectures at Yacht Clubs, Coast Guard, local societies. professional bodies as per their requests.

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The Royal Geographical Society - HK

Capt. Vincent Williams