Trevor Marriott




Trevor Marriott is a retired British Police murder squad detective who was involved in the investigation of many murders as well as assisting in the investigation of many other major crimes throughout his long and distinguished police career.


In 2002 he commenced a cold case re investigation into The Whitechapel Murders of 1888 which were attributed to a killer known as Jack the Ripper who was never caught. The results of that investigation have now dispelled many of the accepted facts surrounding this mystery.


He is the successful author of several books, both fact and fiction and now travels the length and breadth of  The UK, and the rest of the world giving audio visual lectures on many varied and interesting topics. (See attached lecture program)


Television Appearances


                Oct 2015            CBS Reality “Unsolved”

                March 2015        BBC 2 “State Secrets” with Michael Portilo

                February 2015   Channel Five “Jack the Ripper” A New Suspect

                Oct 2013            Channel Seven Australia                

                August 2011      BBC 1 “National Treasures” Jack the Ripper

                May 2011           Channel Five Television, Sydney, Australia.

                April 2011          Channel Nine Television, Sydney Australia

                April 2011          National Geographic Documentary-“Finding Jack the Ripper”

                April 2011          Fox News USA

                Jan   2011         ZDF Television Germany “Jack the Ripper the German Suspect”



His published books to date are;

“Jack the Ripper-A 21st Century Investigation” 2002

“Jack the Ripper-The Secret Police Files” 2014

“The Evil Within -The World’s Worst serial Killers” 2014

“Prey Time” 2014

“Myths and Mysteries- The Real Truth” 2015

“Sherlock Holmes-The Final Chapter” 2017

“Jack the Ripper-The Real Truth” 2017

“Pirates of the Caribbean- The Real Truth” 2017


Since 2008 he has been a regular guest speaker on the cruise ships of Cunard,P&O, Fred Olsen, and most recently Princess. His lecture program is always varied and interesting  and a full house is always guaranteed.



 “Protecting valuables and avoiding tourist scams.

  An audio visual talk presented by Trevor Marriott a retired British Police Murder Squad

  Detective, in how to keep your property and valuables safe while on holiday, and how

  to avoid the many tourist scams.


“Dance crazes of the 1930`s-1960`s 2 Separate Lectures

A two part, foot tapping, hand clapping nostalgic look back down memory lane, at the many, and not so many famous dances, from those golden years of music and dance, which led to the shaping of many of the modern day dances as they are known today. Presented by Dance Historian Trevor Marriott


 “The Mysteries of the Seas”

 Retired British murder squad detective Trevor Marriott unravels the myths surrounding many famous sea mysteries which have fascinated people for decades, such as The Bermuda Triangle, the Lost City of Atlantis, the Mary Celeste, Mermaids, Sea Monsters, and the Flying Dutchman.


“The Mysteries of the Skies-The UFO Phenomenon”

 The 1947 Roswell UFO incident was the start of the worldwide UFO Phenomenon, which still exists today. Retired British murder squad detective has spent a lifetime trying to find the real truth as to what these un-identified craft are seen in our skies, and where they come from. Are they extra terrestrial, or is the answer to be found here on earth?


“The Apollo 11 Moon Landing – Fact or Fiction”?

It was described as one of the most momentous events of the 20th Century but did it really happen, or was it simply an elaborate hoax ? Retired British Murder squad detective Trevor Marriott presents the real facts in an attempt to prove or disprove this.


“Barnum & Baileys “Unusual” Circus Side Show Attractions”

A journey back in time for an audio and visual insight into the many unusual “human” side show acts, and attractions who toured the world with the world famous circus  started by PT Barnum and came to be known as “The Greatest Show on Earth” During this presentation photographs and video clips will be shown some of which some may find disturbing.”


“Psychics, mediums, and Clairvoyants- EXPOSED?”

 Many people have at some time either been to a theatre show to see a psychic perform, or have been privately to a tarot card reader or a medium. But do they really have any paranormal powers? Or are they nothing more than fraudsters?

Retired British Police murders squad detective Trevor Marriott reveals the real truth.


 “Pirates of the Caribbean-The Real Truth”

 The modern-day portrayal of the pirate was perhaps never intended to be realistic, but nevertheless, it has stuck, and the stories behind the real pirates, who sailed the  seas, plundering and killing, seem to have been forgotten, or authors and filmmakers  alike seem to have been reluctant to tell the true stories, but now the real truth can finally be told, with this audio visual presentation