Tony Davies



Tony was a career RAF officer.  He retired early in the rank of Wg Cdr.  He captained V-bombers worldwide, whilst also serving as a flying instructor and as an aerobatic team member.  His ground appointments included service as an ADC and as a staff officer at national and NATO HQs as well as at the RAF Staff College. Tony then joined BAe Systems, which involved many trips overseas.  He is a keen historian with an Honours Degree in Medieval & Modern History (Manchester), and a post-grad Diploma in Business Administration (London School of Economics).  He is a past president of the Rotary Clubs of Lytham St Annes and Shaftesbury.  For 10 years he represented the Jubilee Sailing Trust (JST) in the North West.  He also writes poetry!

Lecture experience
Tony gave lectures, talks, briefing and lessons, with the military and on behalf of BAe Systems to audiences/courses/classes as far afield as Holland, Germany, Cyprus, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Saudi Arabia. In retirement he has been a guest speaker with U3A, Rotary, WI, Probus, Historical and Horticultural Societies, Aviation Groups, the Bath Royal Literary and Scientific Institution (BRLSI), Beaulieu National Motor Museum and with cruises ship companies.

Cruise line experience
P&O Arcadia March/April 2014 (8 talks).  Princess Cruises Island Princess March/April 2015 (11 talks).
Fred Olsen Boudicca May 2015 (5 talks). Fred Olsen Braemar Mar 2016. CMV Azores July 2015 (6 talks).
P&O Adonia Oct 2016. P&O Oriana January 2017. P&O Oceana Feb 2017.

List of Talks with Powerpoint

1.  The Iconic Avro Vulcan Nuclear Bomber – the flying triangle – a pilot’s dream machine!

2.  The Cold War - On a Wing and a Prayer – airborne brinkmanship - Armageddon man

3.  Flying through History - with V-Bombers as my TARDIS

4.  A Look into the Future -  Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) – the Lightning 2,  to super carriers & drones

5.  Worldwide Formation Aerobatic Teams - personal experiences as RAF Red Pelican No 2

6.  Conquering the Atlantic – courageous aviators - the brave, the foolhardy & some strange ideas

7.  Aviatrixes - Ladies in the Sky – from Amy Johnson & Emelia Earhart to combat pilots & space pioneers

8.  The Miracle of Powered Flight – from Kitty Hawk to Cape Canaveral

9.  The Dambusters – Chadwick, Barnes-Wallis, & Gibson VC – Technology & Technique

10. The Bermuda Triangle – Disappearing Aeroplanes & Ships – amazing!

Additional talks if required:

  1. Fascinating Numbers – from zero to infinity!  Some audience participation - with a smile

  2. The RAF in NATO and military aviation today - the Tornado, the Typhoon & more

  3. The Original Flying Gardener - Gardens from bitter cold of Labrador (-25C) to burning Arabia (+55C)

  4. SPACE and Climate Change - astronomy, meteorology and aviation – shock & awe

  5. How not to become Poet Laureate!

  6. Is everyone living in the wrong place? From Adam and Eve to today