Sue Baic

Nutrition and Well - Being

Experienced Cruise Speaker

Sue Baic is an experienced public speaker with a true passion for her subject area of nutrition and health. She is noted for her lively, interactive, accessible and entertaining lecture style which often brings the outside world of local food and nutrition on board.

Sue is a registered nutritionist and dietician based in the UK. She is passionate and knowledgeable about her subject and has over 20 years’ experience in researching and public speaking on the links between nutrition, health and well-being. Sue has worked in the health service, private clinics and at the University of Bristol as a Senior Lecturer. She is a co-author of three popular nutrition books including Nutrition for Dummies.

Sue also writes for scientific publications, national newspapers and popular magazines and regularly appears on British television and radio talking about her subject


In January 2017 Sue started work as a guest speaker on board  ships and has worked on cruises  in the USA, the Caribbean, Scandinavia, the Mediterranean, the Far East and Australia

and has given over 30 talks on 7 cruises to date.
Sue can contribute to an enrichment programme which may enhance the experience of passengers. Nutrition is a fascinating and enjoyable topic with broad appeal which fits with large numbers of passengers interested in health, wellness and positive ageing.

Sue has a wealth of experience about dietary patterns around the world and the links with health. She is happy to create a customised lecture series tailored for specific itineraries and audiences.
Sue works as freelance nutrition consultant in the UK and so is flexible and available for lecture appointments including some at short notice.


Completed as Guest Speaker :
P&O Azura A701 4 lectures 15 nights Caribbean.January 2017
P&O Azura A710 6 lectures 15 nights Iberia & Canary Islands.April 2017
P&O Azura A724 2 lectures 7 nights Norway. August 2017
P&O Oriana X719 4 lectures 10 nights Spain, Italy & Monaco. September 2017
P&O Azura A 733 4 lectures 15 nights Caribbean November 2017

Sue Baic Guest Speaker Suggested Talks for Majestic Princess 8857

Background It’s becoming clear that there is much we can do to stay healthy, especially as we get older. However dietary information in the media can be confusing –one week a food is good for us, the next it’s bad. How do we know what to believe? This entertaining and informative series of talks helps sort the scientific fact from fiction, navigate the tricky world of nutrition science and translate recent research into positive practical knowledge and dietary strategies to take home. Talks are tailored to cruise itinerary using local foods and dietary patterns to bring the outside world of shore excursions alive on-board. All talks are 45- 50 minutes followed by Q & A. They are interactive and visually illustrated using PowerPoint.

1. Superfoods of the Far East

 This practical session  explores the latest research  on how certain foods typical of the diet in the Far East can help promote good heart health and highlights some smart choices we can all make bringing the outside world alive on-board.

2. Nutrition for positive ageing: how can it help?

Many areas of Asia have local people living long healthy lives. However research shows it’s never too late to future proof your health no matter where you live. Genes only account for a small part of our lifespan and what we eat and drink can make a big difference to both quality of life and health - helping us to age well. This session takes a critical look at the reality behind diet for positive ageing and helps translate ideas from the diet of the Far East into realistic practical tips we can follow at home.

3. Soya and health: what's the story?

Soy foods play an important role in many Asian countries and are becoming increasingly popular around the world. This session examines the evidence for soy foods in promoting health and uncovers ways we might include it in our diet.

4. Thinking of eating less meat?

Plants based diets, where meat is used as a garnish rather than centre stage, are typical of the traditional diet of countries in the Far East. The idea has hit the headlines recently as a win- win approach for health, the environment, animal welfare and cost savings.   If you or your family and friends are thinking about shifting towards a more flexitarian (occasional meat & fish), vegetarian or even vegan way of eating this session can help you do so effectively, safely and enjoyably without missing out on key nutrients.

5. Getting your five a day the Far Eastern Way

 The message to aim for 5 a day fruit and vegetables is well known but what does it really mean and why does it matter? Which types count towards this goal and what's a portion? This fun session looks at the scientific background behind this message uses the best from local Far Eastern dietary patterns on our cruise itinerary to help put it into practice.



What others on board have said:

“Sue's presentations are professional and delivered in a light hearted yet informative way. Passengers really enjoyed her talks and she spent a lot of extra time engaged with them in their questions. There is so much interest in her information. Sue would be suitable for all ships in the fleet and I would like to see her on board again”. Entertainment Manager/ Cruise Director 2017

“Your talks were really informative and it was interesting to hear that you don't need to spend loads of money on so-called superfoods, but can get the same benefit elsewhere”. S.R. 2017

“I enjoyed your on board talks and hopefully can incorporate all the good advice in our daily diet! The whole area is so difficult to manage and I am grateful for the web sites info you suggested”. M.M. 2017

“It was a joy to meet you. We really found your talks informative and helpful”. J.C. 2017

“I enjoyed your talks very much and you deliver them with so much enthusiasm. I hope your talks go some way to help people make those lifestyle choices. Thank you so much. It was lovely to meet you”. E.C. 2017

“I found all your talks interesting and informative and they appealed to my personal way of life”. P. L. 2017

“Your lectures were most inspiring, so much so that we are planning to incorporate your advice into our regular diet with the goal of prolonging our active life into old age!” G.C. 2017

"My friend and I really enjoyed your lectures. I was particularly interested in food/mood and your fact sheets are very helpful and informative" K.A. 2017