Justice of the Peace, Marriage Celebrant, Funeral Celebrant

                                Experienced Cruise Speaker 

Russell Decke

Russell was born in Harvey in country Western Australia and educated in Perth.


Russell was engaged in Senior Management within the hotel and hospitality industry for twenty four years, culminating as the Assistant General Manager (Restaurants, Functions, Catering and Hospitality) at the ‘five star’ Riverside Lodge Hotel.


Then, the following six years, Russell was engaged in Senior Management incorporating Advertising, Marketing and Public Relations - specializing in Corporate Motivation, Training and Human Resources. Russell voluntarily ‘retired’ in 1995 aged just forty six.

The following is a brief insight to Russell’s ‘civic services’:- 

Appointed a Justice of the Peace – 1996

President of the Ancient Egypt Society of WA Inc. - 2008 - 2015

Current Public Relations Director to that distinguished Society serving as a ‘Guest Lecturer’ on Cruise Ships four times a year – since 2012 to current.

Bench Justice: Central Law Court: Traffic and Restraining Orders

Past Councillor: The Royal Association of Justices WA Inc.

Registered Civil Marriage Celebrant - 2009

Appointed a Commissioner for Declarations - 1985

Distinguished Lions International service - 28 years - as indicated:-

Presented with Lions Clubs International’s highest and most prestigious, ‘Melvin Jones Fellow Award’ plus a multitude of Awards, Certificates and Citations from International, District and Club level.

Twice elected as Vice District Governor

Thirteen consecutive years as a District Cabinet Officer    

Vice Chairman to the Lions State Convention - 2004

Secretary to the 21st Lions State Convention - 1986

Four terms each as: Club President, Secretary and Treasurer


Russell is an experienced Administrator and Humanitarian who is eminently qualified to actively and efficiently serve in the capacity as a Cruise Presenter.

Russell's Ancient Egypt Presentations


1:    An Introduction to Ancient Egypt


2:   A Cruise on the River Nile


3:    Afterlife - The Sojourn in the Tomb


4:    Akhenaton – The ‘Heretic’ Pharaoh


5:    Ancient Egypt and China


6:    Ancient Egypt – Life after Death


7:    Ancient Egypt Gods – Ma’at and Anubis


8:    Ancient Myths and Mysteries


9:    Ancient Egyptians or Aliens


10:    Cleopatra Vll - The Most Famous Woman in History


11:    Egyptian Myths and Mysteries


12:    Female Pharaohs – Who were they? 


13:    Fourth Dynasty – The Golden Age


14:    Hatshepsut - The Longest Serving ‘Female’ Pharaoh


15:    Nefertari – Wife of Pharaoh Ramses the Great


16:    Nefertiti - Wife of the ‘Heretic Pharaoh’ Akhenaten


17:    Nesperennub – The Inside Story


18:    Pyramids, Sphynx and Dynasties


19:    Ramses the Great - Egypt’s Most Illustrious Pharaoh


20:    Saqqara – A ‘3000 Year’ History


21:    Thonis – Heracleoin: Ancient Egypt’s ‘Sunken City’


22:    Tutankhamun – The Boy King


23:    Who Built the Pyramids?


24:    Wonders and Mysteries of Ancient Egypt


25:    Wonderful Things! - The Discovery of Tutankhamen

Speaking Experience


My most recent cruise was with Royal Caribbean's Ovation of the Seas,  as an Enrichment Presenter in the Guest Lecturer Program. I have cruised extensively with Royal Caribbean and Princess Cruises.