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Destinations-Enrichment-Special Subjects

Previously cruised with Princess and RCI

Ron Largent has over 50 years’ experience as a world-traveling “passion traveler” during which time he has either worked, lived, or traveled-visited in over 60 countries. Following two different student exchange programs through UCLA in India and Germany, he was an Air Force officer serving in England, Europe, and the US. Later, he owned a real estate company; was a Convention motivational speaker, and college international business professor. He also was an international donor development manager, conducting donor project visits world-wide, then follow up professional donor presentations throughout the United States and Canada. His “passion” for traveling kept him and his wife “on the go” with vacations worldwide for over 30 years either on their own or on Cruise Ships, where he developed a strong interest in Cruise Ship Destination – Enrichment speaking.


After retiring from an active real estate and business owner career, he formed a world-wide partnership providing Specialty Travel for Sports, Entertainment, and Cultural events to a wide and varied range of corporate and individual clients. Currently, he is an active professional travel speaker, motivational speaker (travel, sports, and fitness), and international travel consultant-advisor to various interest groups, organizations, and corporations. His specialty is speaking on international travel, business, history, and world current events to civic organizations, churches, special interest groups, associations, and colleges. His presentations contrast international lifestyles, emphasizes the historical, cultural, and economic factors in the countries, and points out unique characteristics in the geographical areas that he speaks about. He explains and relates to current world economic, environment, and social conditions, and does this with both humor and audience engagement, and includes interesting first-hand experiences. He speaks on Destinations in Europe, Asia, India, the Middle East, Australia-New Zealand, the Caribbean, and South America. His Enrichment presentations are on European History, World History, and his special “Music Anthology”. His goal for Cruise Ship speaking is to inform, enlighten, educate, and entertain Cruise Ship passengers.


Ron graduated from the University of California at Santa Barbara; attended the Air Command & Staff College and the Air War University with an emphasis on international relations, retiring as a reserve Colonel. He has completed post-graduate work at Pepperdine University Law School and was a licensed real estate and mortgage broker, a professional corporate trainer, a certified business mediator, and a certified real estate investment and business consultant in California, Virginia, Ohio, Arizona, and Texas.


Presenting current information on upcoming Ports, Cities, Countries, and Areas (Mediterranean, Northern Europe, Australia). Includes historical and tourist high lights that will enhance the visit to the area, with practical “do’s and don’ts," tourist tips, and interesting trivia…as 40 minutes allow.




Special Subjects


 Music “Anthology”


  • Frank Sinatra Songbook…. From Hoboken to Hollywood…. a look at how Frank got there, and what he did when he got there.


  • Tony Bennett Sings…. Is his heart still in San Francisco?  His life, his loves, and his “thing” with Lady Gaga.


  • Beethoven to the Beatles…. What were the changes and why? Who were the Beatles before Ed Sullivan?


  • History of Jazz…. did Louie Armstrong start the movement? Is Jazz still around?


  • Music in Europe…. How did it begin? Bach, Mozart, or the piano guys?


  • It’s a Small World…. when it comes to music. The worldwide language.


European History Overview


The Greeks and Persia

The Beginning of Western Civilization

The Roman Empire

The Christian World

Turkey (Ottoman), and Middle East

The Hapsburg Dynasty Impact

National Monarchies

Russia and Eastern Europe

The British Empire

Europe Today 





Goal: “Be Brilliant on the Platform”


My Presentations Follow These Ten Objectives:  **

  1. Be your best. Every presentation should be better than the last.

  2. Continually improve both presentation and subject information.

  3. Research continually the subject to be current and accurate.

  4. Establish credibility with experience and honesty.

  5. Present a multi-sensory experience (stories, humor, videos, photos).

  6. Be confident … the expert on the subject.

  7. Be professional, spontaneous, “of service”, and helpful to the audience.

  8. Sense of humor, appreciate the audience, engage and praise the audience.

  9. Do not divide the audience, be audience-centric, questions will be answered.

  10. End the presentation with a challenge and enjoy the Cruise.