From broadcasting on Radio Caroline, the most famous illegal radio ship in the world and over 30 years as a D.J., Presenter, Music programmer, with over 1000 celebrity interviews completed, Robin is now a well-known street art events organiser and internationally recognised screen print artist, as well as guest speaker on cruises providing a unique insight into the pop, rock and showbiz stars. Awarded 35 Gold discs for producing and syndicating his exclusive interviews with Paul McCartney, Sting, INXS, Stevie Nicks, Phil Collins. Stevie Nicks, The Bee Gees, Tom Petty, Bryan Ferry, Cher, Tina Turner, Radiohead, Take That, Spice Girls, Frank Bruno, Joe Cocker, Bonnie Raitt, U2, Alice Cooper and many more. Robin’s insider knowledge lifts the lid on radio stories from beyond the dial, what went right and what went wrong, competitions and pranks with amusing unforeseen outcomes. Robin doubled the audience at every stage of his career and was often called upon to programme radio stations to increase flagging audience numbers.

‘I was privileged to have the opportunities to meet my heroes, to travel to stars’ houses and studios, to record in Studio 2 at Abbey Road, the legendary Beatles Studio, to be the first to champion new music and to respect so many listeners who made it all so much fun’

As an artist I have had a solo show in New York and shown my work in London, Manchester and Austin, Texas. Additionally I am the only International to be invited to show my art at the prestigious Moscow Print Market. I have an ongoing “artist in residence” post in Lisbon and have also worked together with Cuban, Russian and Brazilian artists.

I am the only artist commissioned to create art work for BBC Children in Need DIY SOS in 2016.

 It’s often been said that Robin has a great face for radio.


Pirate Radio to McCartney to Murals

Breakfast D.J. on the re-launch of the legendary Pirate Radio Caroline Ship, Exclusive interview clips with Paul and Linda McCartney, The Muppets with Michael Caine and Phil Collins and more plus an introduction to Urban Street Art.

UK celebrity interviews

Exclusive Interviews and first hand stories from Spice Girls, Joe Cocker, Take That, Bryan Ferry, The Bee Gees and more

USA celebrity interviews

Exclusive Interviews and first hand stories from Tina Turner, Cher, Stevie Nicks, Tom Petty, Diana Ross and more

Street art worldwide

I have worked and curated street artists from over 20 countries, including Croatia, Russia, USA, Brazil, Argentina, Spain….. The origins of Street Art from NYC to Blackpool and London to Miami.


Exploring the alternative in Baltic cities

Baltic cities explored from a different perspective; The oldest wine shop in Copenhagen, what lies beneath in Tallinn, The Cycling culture and looking up to discover quirky and often unnoticed sights

Cuba then and now

The Cuban revolution from the beginning to Cuba as we know it today, a country surviving years of a US blockade with Health, Culture and humanity at its core.

Havana from the inside

Having spent time staying with a Cuban family in Havana this is Havana from an insider view

Art studios, Lazaro Abreu the Political posters, The Music, Homes which are Restaurants, Riding in those cars, CUCs and CUPs, Bacardi


The Real boat that rocked (pirate radio from the inside)

As a DJ on board the Radio Caroline ship Robin tells the real story of Pirate radio in the North Sea, Israel, Ireland and more.

The roots of Jamaican music

Jamaican music is inside the people’s soul, Reggae, Ska, Rock Steady, Dancehall. Where does the Rastafarian connection come from? It’s not all Bob Marley.

Lisbon off the beaten track

Casa Alentejo, The Park- bar with a difference, Lusitano horses- Belem, Parque dos Poetas Oeiras, the gardens/sculptures park,  Time Out market, Street art, the funicular elevators , the Doll hospital, and more


Creative Lisbon

LX Factory, Vhils and Smile, Print Studios, Galleries, Boavista, interior design, Tiles, Fado, Street art and more


Pop Art:    Warhol, Blake, Raushenburg to Johns.

Screen printing has been an art form for many years made popular by Andy Warhol and Peter Blake. The pop artists used this technique in its simpler form alongside collage and text for immediate results. Warhol’s Marilyn and Blake’s St. Pepper are classic examples. My reputation as an international screen print artist provides insider knowledge of this popular art form


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Cuban Car - Havana Screen Print

Robin with Sir Paul MCartney