Pat Osborne was born in Bow, in cockney East London in 1947. Her parents moved to Liverpool on Merseyside when she was one year old and she was educated there. She married in 1968 and has two grown up daughters and two grand-daughters.

Pat was a career civil servant, serving 34 years in her majesty's government working up to higher management level.
Pat continued her full time job to raise and educate her daughters, but to satisfy her creative side she trained as an adult arts and craft tutor. She then also taught arts and craft in evening institutes, women's prisons and did craft demonstrations at major craft shows in UK and USA. She did volunteer craft sessions when Liverpool University gave refuge to families fleeing the ethnic cleansing in Bosnia.

Pat then retired from the civil service and moved to West Yorkshire. Pat volunteered for 3 years doing arts and craft with young adults at the Magpie centre for people with learning difficulties. Along with other volunteers there, she was awarded the Queen's award for volunteering services. She also taught a weekly art class at her home studio, specialising in American folk art and tole painting. Pat is the published author of three painting instruction books published in UK, USA and French speaking Canada. She also had many 
magazine articles published in magazines in UK and USA.

Pat has always loved history and reading and 8 years ago was asked to do a talk on the Bronte family to a local church group. This led to other invitations to speak and other talks. Over the following years Pat has accumulated an extensive list of talks and is now a popular speaker on the Yorkshire and 
Lancashire circuits. Pat is a born storyteller. Pat particularly enjoys the research necessary for her talks and used old out-of-date books, new books, films and the internet. 

Pat is valued as a speaker for her clear strong voice, appreciated by many older audiences.
Pat has experience of speaking on cruises with the Princess line and enjoyed the experience, and had excellent feedback from the international passengers and the entertainment manager.


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