List of Talks with Powerpoint

1. One Police Officer for an area the size of the United Kingdom.

 One Police Officer stationed at Birdsville.  An isolated outpost on the edge of the Simpson Desert patrolling the vast outback and the duties he encounters over a 10 year period from dust storms, floods, rescues, crime, assisting the local nurse and Flying Doctor, emergency landing of aircraft and policing 6000 people during the annual Birdsville Races.


2. Rescues in the Australian Outback.

 Talk of many rescues conducted over a 10 year period in the Simpson Desert and other remote areas utilizing aircraft, search & rescue, an Army Chinook helicopter, a rescue during as severe dust storm and many other situations.


3. Royal Flying Doctor Service.

Talk of the history of the RFDS.  Its founder Rev John Flynn and its importance today.


4. Burke and Wills.

Two ill-fated explorers who travelled through inland Australia to the Gulf of Carpentaria and the trip home that ended in disaster.


5. Harry Redford (Captain Starlight).

Of a cattle rustler who stole a mob of cattle in the 1800’s in Queensland and walked them through the vast unexplored outback to South Australia and in doing so opened up the interior of Australia. Also on the subsequent criminal trial of Redford.


6. Sidney Kidman (The Cattle King).

 Talk of the Cattle King, Sidney Kidman.  How from humble beginnings in the 1800’s he built an empire of Cattle Stations throughout Australia to become the largest land owner in the British Empire.


7. Crime in the Australian Outback.

 Talk of crime in the Australian outback from murder to dumb criminals.  Tracking down criminals in the vast Australian outback.


8. Tragedies in the Australian Outback.

 Persons perishing in the vast Australian outback, persons travelling down closed roads and getting lost in extreme temperatures and other examples of persons getting themselves into dangerous situations by not following proper procedures.  Important information on how to survive a trip through the Australian outback.

9. Captain Cook as told by a resident of Cooktown.

Talk of James Cook discovering Australia and in particular the Endeavour getting stuck on the Barrier Reef, the excellent seamanship of all on board to get the ship off the reef and sail to present day Cooktown, fix the ship and sail through unchartered waters to claim Australia for the British Empire.  His interaction with aboriginal people.  His legacy today and items from the Endeavour such as anchor and cannon that are on display at Cooktown today.

Neale McShane

Australian Police Officer


I was a Victorian Police officer for 20 years rising to the rank of Senior Sergeant.  In 1995 I transferred to the Queensland Police Service.  I was a Police Officer in far north Queensland working at Cooktown and isolated communities throughout Cape York.  I then became a Police prosecutor flying by light aircraft dispensing justice to isolated communities on Cape York and islands of the Torres Strait.   In 2001 I transferred to the small outback town of Charleville, again prosecuting.


In 2006 I took up the position of Officer in Charge, Birdsville.  A single officer station and isolated outpost on the edge of the Simpson Desert.  Just my wife and I for an area the size of the UK. My duties included criminal activity, from murder down but the majority of my police work was rescues of person’s lost, hurt, injured or needing assistance of some kind in the Simpson Desert and other remote areas. Some of these rescues took three days with the desert only allowing on average a speed of twenty kilometres per hour.    I also dealt  with dust storms, floods which isolated the Town for weeks at a time, emergency landings of aircraft, dealing with venomous snakes, a crocodile in the river, assisting the nurse and flying doctor with patients and numerous other duties including weather reporting and counting locusts.


In 2015, 6 months prior to retiring, whilst on a rescue in the Desert, I suffered a stroke.  I was flown 1600 kilometres by Royal Flying Doctor Service to Brisbane for treatment.  Due to excellent medical care, I recovered and returned to Birdsville prior to retiring.


In 2016 I was awarded the Australian Police Medal (APM) and Meritorious Service Medal.


 I wrote a book after I retired titled 'Outback Cop'.