Police Ch. Inspector (Rtd)

Michael Parkin BA, Ch. Fellow CIPD

My first four years in the police were in Birmingham City – 2 years uniform and 2 years CID.

After a Home Office trainers course, I spent 2 years teaching recruits at Harrogate. Either side of this I was engaged on uniform supervision. On promotion to Inspector, I moved to Derby. A year later I moved to Headquarters Training department where I was responsible for management training to middle ranks.

I was engaged in writing and delivering a series of innovative teaching techniques.  I also taught presentation and training skills.

I was promoted to Chief Inspector took operational duties in Chesterfield. In the late 1980’s I took over the force’s training department which included management training for midlands region.

After retirement in May 1995, I eventually joined Bentley Jennison, Chartered Accountants and Auditors as their senior HR Consultant. Working with customers nationwide, including Universities, Colleges, Government Departments and NHS Trusts. I took several interim posts as HR Director. In addition, I was responsible for assisting clients defend Employment Tribunal Claims.

Ten Year again I moved to a part-time role and eventually retired completely some five year ago. During this period, I carried out charity work for Citizens Advice Bureau in helping clients pursue Employment Tribunal Claims.

I now present a series of talks to groups in the Midlands and North. In addition, I am involved as Trustee to a couple of Heritage Projects in the East Midlands.

IIlustrated Talks


Local History


  • Pentrich Revolution

    • A general scan through the build-up, the march, the trial and aftermath – England’s last armed

  • A Recipe for Revolution –

    • Radicalism, Luddism, Pentrich and Peterloo

  • The Pentrich Trials –

    • How the law of Treason was used

  • Odd Tales of Derbyshire

    • Some true, some maybe!?

  • Bess of Hardwick

    • A lady to be reckoned with!

General Historical Topics


  • The Long Weekend 1919-1939

    • A look at the serious and less serious events of the period

  • 1920’s - A closer look at the iconic post-war decade

  • 1930’s – A closer look at a decade of fun, trouble and strife

  • Nine Days in May - The General Strike of 1926 in England

  • Waterloo to Peterloo – radical Britain

  • The Peterloo Massacre

  • Children of the Revolution

    • Women & Children in factories and mines

  • The French Revolution

  • Employment laws through the 19th century

  • Working Women and Children in the Industrial Revolution

  • Law enforcement - 18th and 19th century

  • Motoring - the early Years - from 1890's to the 1936 Road Traffic Act

  • Women of the Great War – Home and Abroad

  • David Lloyd George

  • The Mitford Sisters

  • Minding the business of others

    • 18th – 19th century spies

  • Suffragettes and Suffragists

    • The gradual emancipation of women

American Topics From my Prospective (Tracing my heritage as a GI Baby!!??)


  • The American War of Independence

  • The American Civil War