Malcolm Teasdale was born in Coventry, England and is a successful entrepreneur who spent all of his working life in the technology industry, where he made a success from creating software development companies, the most recent of which he sold to a major corporation in 2013. He created markets in all the major continents, and sold products to customers in over 70 countries. His company received numerous industry awards for product quality, innovation, and pioneering technology, and he has spoken at many trade shows and industry events around the World. He has traveled to over 90 countries for business and pleasure, but since retiring from the industry, now travels to the more unusual destinations in the World in search of rich cultural experiences. Think Mongolia, Tibet, Bhutan, and Nepal to name a few. He has written several successful books about business and adventure travel, with an emphasis on history, geography, education and humor. His public speaking engagements focus on business, adventure travel, destinations around the World and culture. Apart from the UK, he has also lived in Canada and Singapore, and currently resides in Florida, USA. Web Site:

Malcolm  has presented with Celebrity, NCL and is due to speak with Princess in November 2018.

List of Presentation categories:

Destinations: Caribbean, UK, Asia, Baltics, Nordics

Travel: Adventure, Cultural, Beaches, Trekking

Promotion of Cruise Lines’ destinations

Sports in area of destination


Example subjects:

You’re never too old for adventure

Become Bilingual – learn English and American

The best of Great Britain in 10 days or less

Creating a success from an idea

Asia’s iconic structures and some that are not

The Nordics – Happiest places on Earth

A candid look at the lighter side of sports in the Caribbean

Sports in Great Britain

How to self-publish a book

Thailand – it’s cultural diversity makes it one of the most desirable places to visit on Earth

Scuba Diving - up close and personal with marine life

St. Petersburg, Russia – A city of greatness

The World’s greatest beaches

Looking for a spiritual adventure in Asia?

Island hopping in the Caribbean

The ABC islands of the Lesser Antilles

Soccer on board with audience participation

...and plenty more.

Malcolm Speaking on a cruise

Books by Malcolm Teasdale