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Dr Laurie Fairman B.Sc.,M.Met.,Ph D.,C Eng.     

In addition to my many years of university lecturing, on taking early retirement at age of 55 years, I became a tutor in industrial management especially in risk assessment. This enabled me to travel widely in Europe and Asia. I am familiar with most of the countries of the Mediterranean, Baltic, North and Irish Seas, Scandinavia and some Atlantic ports.

I have cruised with many cruise lines and have lectured on Celebrity, Cruise and Maritime Voyages, Royal Caribbean, Cunard, Fred Olsen and Holland America with considerable success         

Vikings Presentation

Précis of talks offered for Cruise P2194  Northern lights 1st March to 17th March 2018


A series of 6 talks have been prepared to give a succinct flavour of the places and environment that will be experienced on the voyage. Other lectures are available

1) Northern Lights (This lecture was given to a ship’s audience and was so appreciated a repeat was given during the voyage.)

One of the highlights of the cruise will be the chance of seeing the Aurora Borealis in all its glory. Though it is a complicated physical effect the talk has been produced to give an understanding of the phenomena without patronising or confusing the audience.

A talk has been prepared to give the layman an introduction to the phenomenon, how it is caused, its effects, and the solar winds that may give this year one of the best displays.


2) This is Norway

The talk is designed to give guests an introduction to the country they are visiting. It will deal with the people, their history their concept of nationhood and their Royal family. Discussion  will continue with a look at Bergen the first port to be visited .The second city in Norway and capital of the fjord country Bergen has a lot to offer the visitor. The talk will cover the history of this ancient city describing the harbour fortifications, Haakon’s hall and the Bryggen. How it developed from a small fishing village to an important part of the Hanseatic trading Empire. The attractions of the city including a look at the present day cultural aspects will be dealt with.

3) North Norway

As the ship continues on its  way north it will reach a totally different environment to that of the south west.

Change will be seen in the nature of the fjords as well as the climate, thus the talk will not only deal the places visited but also on aspects of living and working in such a hostile place

Tromso, an interesting city which has been called the “Paris” of Norway, is the area’s original capital and has lots to interest the observer. For example the city centre has the largest numbers of old wooden houses in north Norway The Ice cathedral will be illustrated and the city compared with its cousin of Trondheim and their place in Norwegian history

4) Molde and the Central mountains

Molde has an interesting history, once the playground of the monarchs of Europe(Kaiser Wilhelm was here when the news ofWW1 came), it is now the axis for the west  central mountain exploration. It is here that can be viewed over 100 peaks from the hill above the town. The fjord scenery is spectacular with the Judenheim Mountains and the Jostelbreen glaciers  are all within visiting distance. The talk will deal with the galciation of Norway and touch on global warming theories as well as illustrating the delights of the area.

5) Alesund and Sogne Fjord

Alesund the city of “Art Nouveau” is beautifully located on Norway’s Fjord coast, and has its own different and individual character very different from other Norwegian towns though also surrounded by mountains much of Alesund's attraction lies in its architecture as the world’s most northerly collection of Art Nouveau design which can readily be appreciated. The beautiful cruise towards the largest fjord in Norway, the Sogne Fjord gives views of much stunning scenery. The talk will continue with a look at

The railway at Flam is a world class wonder and a wonderful ride at this time of the year.


6) Viking heritage

To understand and appreciate the sights and scenes of the fjord country as a destination and appreciate the culture of the north ,some knowledge of the Vikings is essential.  This talk will cover the rise of the hugely influential community that spread out of Scandinavia reaching most of the known world.  The Vikings were intrepid explorers  and covered huge distances on northern Europe and the far Atlantic. They not only raided they also settled and these areas in the North Atlantic is covered along with  the settlements that were established in Iceland, Greenland and North America. The talk will conclude with a look at Viking myths and the legacy they left on many nations


Other lectures are available on aspects of Norway if required.


Dr L Fairman Dec 2018

Cruise lecture experience

Celebrity Eclipse 2013 Norway Lectures covering Bergen, Alesund, Geiranger, Flam and Stavanger and aspects of Norwegian life and history

Celebrity Infinity 2013 Wine and Gourmet cruise. Lectures covering Western coast of France, Spain and Portugal history of the regions with emphasis on food and wine

CMV Discovery 2014 Northern lights cruise. Lectures covering North Norway Tromso, Narvik, North Cape and special talk on Aurora Borealis

CMV Discovery 2014 Baltic cruise. Lectures covering the history of Russia and St Petersburg, Copenhagen, Tallin, Helsinki and Stockholm

Royal Caribbean 2014 Iceland and Norway. Lectures covering the history and development of Iceland, Reykjavik, Akureri North Norway places Trondheim, Olden, and Molde

Royal Caribbean 2014 Mediterranean Cruise. Lectures covering Gibraltar, Barcelona, nice, Rome, Florence. Pisa, Cadiz, Malaga and Lisbon

Holland America 2015 Trans Atlantic 2015 Fort Lauderdale to Barcelona. Lectures covering, Cities of Southern Spain, Granada Cordoba, Malaga and Cadiz, Azores and art history

Holland America 2015 Trans Atlantic Civitivecchia to Fort Lauderdale. Lectures covering Art history topics –see CV also covered Azores and Bahamas

Royal Caribbean 2015 Baltic cruise.  Lectures covering the history of Russia and St Petersburg, Copenhagen, Tallin, Helsinki and Stockholm

Holland America 2015 Trans Atlantic 2015 Fort Lauderdale to Southampton. Lectures covering, Cities of Southern Spain, Granada Cordoba, Malaga and Cadiz, Azores and art history

Fred Olsen 2016 German Waterways. Lecture covered Hanseatic ports and the history of Northern Germany and Denmark

Royal Caribbean 2106 Canaries cruise . Lectures covered  history and scenery of Northern Spain and Portugal, Santiago de Compostela, Galicia and Vigo, Morocco and the canary Islands, Madeira

Holland America 2017 Transatlantic. Athens to Fort Lauderdale 11 talks on a variety of subjects of art history and culture as well as destination talks on Spanish ports visited and Madeira

Fred Olsen 2017 Fjords of Norway 5talks on the history of western Norway, life and scenery of the fjords

Fred Olsen 2017 Baltic Capitals cruise 6 talks on the history and culture of Russia and St Petersburg. Riga, Tallinn  and north German Hanseatic ports

15 As a presenter

5 As a passenger

    Dr Laurie Fairman     

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