Stories from 'The World of Money’

Kevin has experience of lecturing on cruise ships from the massive ‘resort’ type ships to the more intimate and smaller cruise ships, as well as entertaining and informing business and entrepreneur groups in the commercial world.

Kevin’s talks are designed to look at an incredibly wide range of topics with a financial under-current and take an entertaining and insightful approach to explaining what questions we should be asking and what lessons may be learned from these stories.

Kevin’s talks show the impact the ‘world of money’ has on our lives in a way that is informative but entertaining.  He tells stories that are both fun and useful.”

Kevin has a total of eight fifty minute talks supported by ‘PowerPoint’ slides and they are listed below:

Presentations Supported by PowerPoint


1).           ‘The Financial Centre of London - The City – Should We Love It or Hate It?’a ‘Look at The Human Face of The City’.


2).           ‘Are You Being Scammed Right Now?’ – Criminals Targeting Your Money.


3).           Are You Being Served? – Financial Customer Service Horrors and Others?


4).           ‘Has The West Had It’s Day?’ – The Rise of China – Should We Be Frightened?


5).           ‘Won’t Get Fooled Again – Will We?’ – Financial Bubbles, Past, Present and Future’


6).           ‘Has Money Killed The Beautiful Game?’ – Football and Cash.


7).           ‘Working with Your Advisers’ – Are You Getting The Best Value Out of Your Professional relationships?


8).           ‘All That Glitters’ – ‘At last something funny to come out of The City in London’

A Genuine Antidote to the Credit Crunch – Not so Much Sex in The City but Sales in The City’

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