Former Scotland Yard Detective, now working on British T.V. show 'Hunted'

Karen on the T.V Show: Hunted

I have over the last few years, spent some time reminiscing over my career as a police officer in the Metropolitan Police. I had served for 31 years and during that time had the opportunity to become involved in some of the most interesting and challenging investigations of recent times. I would like to share with you some of these cases, and we can discuss, ponder and examine the facts as well as the mysteries that still surround some of them.

When I became a Police officer in 1979 it truly was like “life on mars” but I am not going to try and compare policing in the 70’s with what is happening today as we all lived in a different time. I started out walking the streets of Harlesden Kilburn and Willesden, before finally getting onto plain clothes units where I realized that all I really wanted to be was a Detective.  As a Detective I served at Harrow Road Paddington, then on to the Regional Crime Squad targeting Kilo drug dealers as well as becoming a firearms officer. The Flying Squad followed where I engaged armed robbers at gunpoint, and really understood the enormous responsibility I had, and the dangerous consequences of my actions. In 2001 I took a career break and over a year became a florist, a world away from what I had been doing. On returning to my other world I was transferred to the Homicide & Serious Crime unit where having taken promotion I became a Detective Sergeant investigating murder cases all over London. Its some of these cases which I have included in my talk and are still talked about today. I then went on to become a lecturer at the Crime Academy New Scotland Yard. I taught young detectives trying to tell them about the failures as well as the successes of my own career, making sure the mistakes were not repeated. I travelled to Trinidad & Tobago to teach officers from all over the Caribbean and realized how lucky I was with the technology at my disposal, facilities that these officers could only dream about. I retired from The Metropolitan police in 2010.

So, What now!  

I have kept myself busy, with projects the main one being writing a book about my experiences, called “Detective Doris” (the name given to all female detectives at the time) recording all the highs and lows of policing in an extraordinary time. I continued with my floristry, and became a floristry lecturer teaching on behalf of Edinburgh City council.  Some Television work followed, and I have worked for Channel 4 for the past three years on the reality TV series HUNTED as a Hunter I pursued members of the public who believe they can stay under the radar of big brother, its not as easy as you think.

I am currently working as a freelance surveillance operative for an international surveillance company, I would love to tell you more but as you can imagine its all very hush hush.


Hunted - Working as a Hunter on theTop British Reality TV show Hunted.

I have worked for Channel 4 for the past three years on the reality TV series HUNTED. As a Hunter I pursued members of the public who believe they can stay under the radar of big brother. This talk looks at my experiences on the show.

Case History 1 - John Palmer (known as Goldfinger)

In 1996 John Palmer (known as Goldfinger) was at the height of his success. He had built up a timeshare empire through his ruthless and corrupt business practices. It was believed that he, as a legitimate Goldsmith, had smelted the gold from the Brinks Mat bullion Robbery. In 1987 he was acquitted. I spent a year in Tenerife investigating both him and his associates. I gave evidence against him in court and saw him convicted of timeshare fraud. He was assassinated in 2015. There are lots of theories out there as to who and why, lots to discuss.

Case History 2  - The Disappearance of Susanah Lamplugh

I was seconded to the Lamplugh enquiry in 1986. Susanah was related to the Asprey jewelry family, she was an estate agent in Fulham when she disappeared when showing a house to a Mr. KIPPER. Her body has never been found. Was this a kidnapping that went wrong? How do you disappear on a busy London street?

Case History 3 - Lilly London

After the discovery of a female skeleton in West London,  Professor Richard Neave, who is a leading expert in facial reconstruction, set about trying to establish what she looked like. The results were amazing, but she has never been identified. I will talk about the year long investigation into trying to establish her cause of death.


Case History 4 - David Copeland

In 1999 I was a serving officer on the world-famous Flying Squad. Acting on information from a member of the public the squad travelled to Hampshire.  Copeland was renting a room in a quiet semidetached house. We found not just Copeland but a chilling and graphic insight into the mind of a killer.


Case History 5 -  Dennis Nielson Serial Murderer

In1983 I was the only female officer on this enquiry given the task of digging up the belongings of his victims that were buried in his garden. I will give full details of the investigation as well as some surprising facts that were never disclosed at court.

Case History 6 - The re-trial of Barry George

Barry George was convicted of the murder of Jill Dando in 2001. In 2008 a retrial was ordered, and I was put in charge of presenting Bad Character Evidence on behalf of the crown. I spent several months looking into every aspect of his past. What I found was both disturbing as well as many frustrating lines of enquiry, with lost evidence and now deceased witnesses. We can discuss the evidence that was left and how in 2008 Barry George was acquitted of the murder of Jill Dando.

Karen with the Hunted cast