Understanding the Trump Revolution and What It Means for Asia

The election of Donald J Trump heralded a dramatic break with the politics as usual style that has dominated American government for the last 50 years. Populism returned to American politics in the unlikely form of a New York real estate billionaire. In Understanding the Trump Revolution, we look at the factors that propelled the unlikely rise of Donald Trump, how his election was the final chapter of the 2008 financial crisis and how his “America First” policies will transform international trade and investment flows and what that means for Asia.

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Joseph V. Micallef is a military historian, bestselling author, keynote speaker, syndicated columnist, war correspondent and a commentator on international politics and the future. He has produced, directed or written dozens of documentary programs on military history and world politics as well as written several books.

He is a weekly columnist for Military.com and a contributor to the Huffington Post and thehill.com, Washington’s most influential political website. Joe also writes a weekly column, Global Pulse, on international politics that is syndicated to over 1,800 different media outlets. 

He is a member of the National Speakers Association and has often been a key note speaker for a variety of business, military and professional organizations. He has also appeared as a commentator on a variety of broadcast venues including CNN, Fox News and Fox News Radio.

Joe has spoken extensively on military history and world affairs at a variety of venues including the Institute of Strategic Studies (London), the NATO Defense College (Rome), the Italian Institute of International Affairs (Rome), and at universities around the world. He holds a Graduate Degree (M.Sc.) from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and was a Fulbright Fellow at the Italian Institute of International Affairs

He covered Mediterranean and Middle East Politics, including the civil war in Chad, for several Italian newspapers from 1978 to 1980

Joe also holds the Diploma in Wines and Spirits from the Wines and Spirits Education Trust in London. He writes and speaks frequently on the history of wines and spirits as well as judges several international competitions.

For more information see: http://josephvmicallef.com/


How Scotch Whisky Conquered the World

Scotch whisky is Scotland’s quintessential spirit. Worldwide, over 10 bottles of Scotch whisky are sold every second. It has become one of Scotland’s major exports and accounts for more than half of its total food and beverage sales. In this talk we will look at the origins and early history of distillation.; how from hesitant and uncertain beginnings Scotch whisky established itself in Scotland and how it grew to become one of the world’s dominant beverages.

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Joseph Micallef


From Waterloo to the Marne: Alternative Scenarios of World War I

World War I was the second most destructive war ever fought, exceeded only by its progeny World War II. Indeed, if we consider both wars as simple two parts of a broader conflict, then they represent the bloodiest war ever fought in human history. We cannot even begin to image how the 20th century would have been different if the war had never been fought. The road that led from the fields of Waterloo to the riverbank of the Marne had many twists and turns, paths not taken, and options unexplored; all of which could have either avoided a war or transformed it into a far less bloody conflict with dramatic impact on how the 20th century might have evolved. In “From Waterloo to the Marne”, we explore how World War I could have been a very different war and how that would have changed the 20th Century.