Jennipher Marshall-Jenkinson

'Healthy eating guru' and 'Inspirational cook' 

Experienced Cruise Speaker

Jennipher Marshall-Jenkinson has been a 'healthy eating guru' and 'inspirational cook' for many years. She has been Chairman of the UK's Microwave Technologies Association since 2003 to the present day.

She has previously lectured with Princess, Saga, P&O and Fred Olsen cruises.

Her work promoting healthy eating and environmentally friendly cooking methods prompted a nomination for 'Business Woman of the Year' and regular cooking programmes on BBC radio - both national and local and BBC television and provide her with frequent invitations to give cooking shows around the UK.

Her latest cook book- Microwave Magic - the Heart of 21st Century cooking also won 'The People's Book Prize'.

Jennipher, a mother of 2 great boys spends most of her time educating others about her passion - good food and how to cook it properly, though, there's always time for her hobbies, which are Scouts, assisting with her favourite charity - the Amos Trust, where she works 'at the coal face' in Durban. She visits South Africa as often as possible to assist with getting Durban's street children off the streets and back into the community.

Jennipher also sings in the 'Rock choir', loves Pilates and generally keeping fit through lots of outdoor activities.

Her love of travelling also inspired her to set up two interesting travel companies: Chile Inside Out and Good Mountain Guides, hence she is always planning her next trip somewhere around the world.

Microwave Magic by Jennipher Marshall-Jenkinson

Proposed Talks

1 - 'It's all Magic' - Healthy eating for one's and two's using your microwave oven - This can be an illustrated talk or even a cooking show - if a microwave oven can be allowed on stage.


2 - 'Food from Spain and Northern Africa' - A great talk, as we cruise the Spanish and North African coastlines, we explore all their delicacies


3 - 'Romantic Spain and Portugal' - Again great as we cruise past the Spanish mainland. Much of our history connects to Spain (remember Catherine of Aragon). A humorous talk on our links with Spain


4 - 'All about Chocolate  - A little of what you fancy does you good!' From the 'pod' to tasting lots of varieties – a great talk as we cruise around Africa or Central America


5 – The History of Gin – Is it really ‘Mother’s ruin’ ? And was a Martini really James Bond’s favourite tipple?  There is a large gin factory on the island of Mallorca that passengers can tour.  Another great link with the Balearic islands. It also has fun links to James Bond!


6 - 'Our British heritage and cheeses of the world' - a good talk as we cruise, linking cheese and wine – and the Middle East, as cheese was first discovered there over 4000 years ago


7 – ‘Italian favourites’ – the History of Pizza and Pasta


8 - 'Food from the North - Norway and beyond' - what the natives have been eating for centuries


9 – Sensational Cakes and Puddings – a live cooking show using a microwave oven


10 – ‘Soul food’ – links with the Caribbean islands


11 - 'Slimming diets - why they don't work'


12 – ‘Hunters and Gathers’ – how the first foreign visitors to the USA and Canadians survived


14 -  Is renewable energy the Answer to global warming ? Threats to parts of our planet – links with people and food


15 - Australia - Its food and it's cultures through the years - We look at the very cosmopolitan people of the country - that now call them selves - Australians - together with the cultures and customs they have bought to the country


16 – Food and cultures from the Orient - how old is the recipe for 'sushi'? And how different cultures affect the food people eat


17 - The Secret life of Colour. - Colour affects us all - what we wear, how it has affected history, what makes us happy or sad - we look at the whole spectrum


18 - Customs and cultures of the peoples of South East Asia


19 - Wow - It's only a cup of coffee - the story of coffee


20 - 'Fancy a cuppa' - the story of Tea


21 - A spoon full of sugar - the story of sugar


22 - 'Chinese - The cuisine of the world' - One in every 6 people in the world today has Chinese origins - how is that? We look at what their cultures, food and customs have given the rest of the world


23 - The art of proper sleep and relaxation - can't sleep - let's look at why and have some practical ideas to help relaxation and sleep - when you get home!


24 - 'Japan' - the land of calm and order - We look at all aspects of people and their lives in Japan - together with their cultures and customs - and when to go - especially the Spring - in time for the sacred Cherry Blossom celebrations