Dr James Dale

Dr Dale is a successful project manager having attained the Association for Project Management’s (APMs) ‘gold’, Registered Project Professional (RPP), standard.  He was the programme manager for Forensics21, a national programme  to transform the contribution that forensics makes to creating a safe society.  This included several landmark projects such as digitising crime scene mark capture, the introduction of an improved national DNA database, the introduction of indicative drug testing in police custody suites and the creation of the first ever national footwear library to identify and compare foot marks left at scenes of crime.  Dr Dale now assesses corporate project management academies and schemes across the UK while performing duties as the Association’s chief examiner for their project practitioner qualification.  

Please note that in November 2016 the APM was awarded chartered status by Her Majesty’s Privy Council.


Dr Dale has gained a professional doctorate at the Institute of Criminal Justice at the University of Portsmouth and undertakes visiting lecturer duties for a number of academic institutions across the UK.  Dr Dale also has a Masters Degree in Business Administration which he passed with distinction while studying at CASS Business School.   He performs other guest speaker commitments.  For example, his  light hearted presentation entitled "Isambard Kingdom Brunel the world’s greatest engineer but how does he rate as a project manager?” delivered to members of the APM received outstanding audience feedback.  Please see:    http://bit.ly/2lCIa94


Dr Dale’s earlier career was as a police officer were he served in London and Sussex for 30 years performing a variety of high profile investigative and operational roles.  This included postings as the divisional commander for North Sussex, where he was praised by Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary’ for his inspirational leadership and more latterly as the Head of Operations for Sussex Police.


Dr Dale is an inspirational, knowledgeable and entertaining speaker.  He has travelled extensively on business and for pleasure including trips across Africa, Australia South America, Europe, the Far East, Canada and the USA (40 states).    All of his lectures include a strong personal connection and makes use of up-todate visual aids including video, photographs, animation and PowerPoint.

Current topics​ include:


1)   The story of fingerprints


2)   Operation Overlord  -  The world’s greatest project


3)   The psychology of serial killers


4)   Gangs past and present


5)   Lewes:  The world’s greatest bonfire 


6)   Post traumatic growth:  A cancer survivor’s tale


7)   Isambard Kingdom Brunnel


8)   Contemporary global mega projects


9)   Contemporary policing in the UK

                           Dr James Dale  DCrimJ, MBA, FCIPD, RPP MAPM.