Jackie Morgan B.A.(Hons), M.Sc, J.P.

 Experienced Presenter

Jackie Morgan 

History is big and Britain’s historical experience, with its island position at the edge of the European continent is so unlike that of other countries.   Treaties, marriages, trade routes, pestilences, intolerance and war feel so much different if your  enemy is just over the river or the mountains or the other side of some border decided by those in power. 


The guide books tell us where to visit and what to look at.  TV history gives us snippets and sound bytes and opens doors to  artefacts that we would never otherwise see and film blockbusters give us action packed and often moving  stories.  But how do all the events  fit together?  The object of my talks is to take events, names and places that we’ve all probably heard of and put them in their historical and geographical contexts, so that the guide books may do their job.   


I retired after more than  thirty years of teaching History to all ages. I give some of my time to the duties of a magistrate, I deliver courses on The Conflicts of the early Twentieth Century and I deliver talks on some big themes:


·      World War One – a summary

·      Between the Wars – how did the Peace of WWI become the conflict of WW2?

·      World War Two – a summary

·      “The Peoples of the Book” – how do the histories of Jews, Christians and Moslems dovetail together?

·      Renaissance, Reformation and Royal Image – this talk takes us from China, to Venice to Timbuktu ( and back         again!)… to England and the tightly controlled images of the Tudor dynasty.