Hylton Davies, VJ, IA, JP

Law and Crime


Hylton was born and educated in the UK and migrated with his family over 20 years ago, to study law and commerce. Now, an experienced and respected Judicial Officer, commissioned by the Corrective Services Minister and Attorney General to serve in Perth, Western Australia.

Hylton, a Visiting Justice and Independent Adjudicator has spent a lifetime presiding in court. He’s enjoyed the last few years working out of the Magistrates Court of Western Australia and now semi-retired, Hylton delves into the origins and history of law, probing into the captivating world of modern day justice.

Semi-retired, Hylton utilises his spare time coaching and educating groups in the complex world of enduring power of attorneys and health care directives. Hylton also enjoys spending quality time with his ever-growing number of grandchildren.

Hylton utilises his skills and knowledge to preside over criminal charges and unlawful activities within Western Australia’s adult prisons and juvenile detention centres. Hylton says these qualities have enriched his work and personal life and provided him with a diverse range of unbiased family values that have percolated through to his two children.

Hylton’s nationally acclaimed lectures have been delivered at many of the Probus clubs across Australia and accepted by many cruise lines, including Carnival UK and Royal Caribbean.

Hylton, a regular practicing, judicial officer within the Magistrates Court in Western Australia, has a compelling disposition and will keep the passengers entertained with his wit, humour and knowledge of law and court proceedings.

List of Talks with Powerpoint

Talk # 1: Origins and History of Law and Justice Join Hylton in his opening talk on the origins of law and justice, an old and established institution going back to medieval England, during a time when the Crown of England had established the practice of common law. Laws that were established throughout the country to ensure uniformity and consistency in justice. Conservators of the Peace were appointed to administer those laws, and today, we still use common legislation to uphold law and justice.


Talk # 2: Myths and Modern Day Justice Join Hylton again to explore some of the myths of modern day justice. Have you ever wondered what happens in court? Why is it called court and why were wigs and robes worn by the judiciary? Hylton’s lecture provides a gripping insight into the services that Independent Adjudicators provide to the Attorney General and hopefully demystify what really happens in adult correctional institutions and juvenile detention centres.

Talk # 3: Court Orders and Custodial Crimes Hylton continues to delve into the sometimes-complicated world of intervention orders, restraining orders or family violence restraining orders. You will be fascinated and enthralled by some of the real-life stories relating to the complex world of drugs, alcohol and abuse, the violence that follows and how we’re all a few steps away from being one of those victims.

Talk # 4: Misdemeanours in a Lifestyle Village Hylton continues with one particular court matter, delving into the life of two retirees living in a lifestyle complex, of course their names have been changed. Their lifelong friendship, destroyed by lust and jealousy, you’ll be intrigued by the story, you won’t believe what happens.