Sir Winston Spencer Churchill KG  RA


Voted The Greatest Englishman of the past 1000 years. The life and times of Britain’s great statesman and war leader. His birth into the aristocracy, his famous parents, education,  life in the Regular Army in India, Sudan and South Africa,  artist and author,  his political career and the wilderness years.  Premiership as the leader of Gt. Britain and saviour of the nation.

A talk rich in Churchill’s quotes and sayings:

* Lady Astor to Churchill: ‘If I were your wife, I would poison your coffee.’

Churchill:‘Yes Madam and if I were your husband...I would drink it!

* Bernard Shaw to Churchill.  Reserving two seats for Premier. Bring a friend. If you have one! 

Churchill.  Impossible to be present for first performance. “Will attend the second if there is one”.

* Churchill to King George VI: “I am concerned about Field Marshall Montgomery “I think he wants my job.” George VI: That’s a relief “I thought he wanted mine!”

* John Foster Dulles pointing to Churchill’s ample stomach enquired if he was pregnant.

Churchill’s response: ’ Well, if I am and it’s a boy I shall call him after  our greatest King; Alfred, if it’s a girl, after our greatest Queen; Elizabeth, but I suspect that it’s wind and I shall call it...John Foster Dulles’

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Formerly Regular Army, the Household Cavalry, Colonial Police, International Business Manager with IBM & NCR. Marketing Manager in Hong Kong in 67/68. Founded and registered Lonsdale Leisure wear company in 1972 and marketed merchandise in over 30 countries.

Export actives acknowledged by visits to Buckingham Palace and to Downing Street to meet Prime Minister Margret Thatcher.


On retiring, lectured with Cunard, subsequently cruised worldwide with P & O as Art Director and Lecturer. In 2000, at the request of a major Cruise Company, formed The UK based Cruise Lecturers Association, dedicated to providing Lecturers for the International Cruise Industry. This resulted in hundreds of lecturers on the ships of Princess, Celebrity, CMV, MSC, Thomson and Private Charters.


On occasion has presented to audiences in the UK & USA on a variety of subjects with the most sought-after being The Life and Times of Sir Winston Churchill.

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The Royal Geographical Society - HK

Gordon B. Parr KLJ