Graham Burns   Metropolitan Police Special Branch

                        Speciality: Close Protection and historical events



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Graham Burns


I retired from the Metropolitan Police Service in January 2004 after completing 30 years service the last 15 as a Special Branch Close Protection Officer. In this role I carried out protection duties with 3 Prime Ministers, various Senior Government Ministers, visiting Heads of State and Royalty.

For 4 years I was one of the hand picked team that provided protection for Salman Rushdie. Since retiring I have lived in Cyprus and have delivered my lectures to local groups, after dinner speaking and as an enrichment speaker with various cruise companies . I have now reached a time in my life where I realise how fortunate I have been in my working life having had one to one conversations with many influential people. I now enjoy recalling the many incident good and bad that I experienced whilst working as a Close Protection Officer.



 LECTURE 1 "Graham Burns - Who am I?"

 A detailed life history and introduction to my experiences enabling me to present my topics


LECTURE 2 “Protecting Lady Thatcher:”

The trials and tribulations of protecting one of the worlds most high profile women.

LECTURE 3  “Life with Tony Blair” 

Having protected Tony Blair for the first three years of his term as Prime Minister, I look at some of the moments I witnessed first hand and including the Blair’s relationship with Princess Diana and Tony Blair’s involvement with the Royal family after her untimely death

LECTURE 4  “Salman Rushdie the consequences of the Satanic Verses”

I provided protection to Salman Rushdie for four years, like Salman we were living under the threat of the Fatwah.

LECTURE 5 “Geoff Hoon Defence Secretary Hoon or Buffoon”

Geoff Hoon was my last Principal before I retired. The press labeled him ‘Buffoon’ was this justified? I let you decide. I recall trips to India, Kosovo and Dubai where I was arrested.

During this time Hoon was involved in the Dr David Kelly affair. Finally how much does a Government Minister know of his future in a Cabinet Re Shuffle?

LECTURE 6 “Enoch Powell military man, scholar, historian and Politian”

I look at the  famous politician, and his ideas and thoughts. His early days as a Professor of Greek at Sydney University. His burning ambition to become Viceroy of India.


LECTURE 7 “The lighter and not so lighter side of protection”

I recall some amusing, light-hearted and more serious incidents whilst engaged on protection duties with King Hussein of Jordan, Vladimir Putin, The Rev Ian Paisley, Lord Mason of Barnsley and many others.