Gordon B. Parr


Gordon B. Parr 

Ex regular Army, Household Cavalry, Southport Borough Police, Bermuda Police. Entered the world of commerce initially with IBM and NCR. Marketing Manager in Mauritius and Hong Kong. Created clothing brands Lonsdale, Voyager, British Dragoon, and Playboy Licensee. Lonsdale Brand displayed at the Design Centre the Haymarket London for over a year as an example of British design excellence. Export endeavors to over 30 countries acknowledged by invitations to Buckingham Palace, and Downing Street to meet Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher MP.

On retiring in 2002 Cruise ship lecturer with Cunard, P & O, Princess, Thomson, Celebrity, Royal Caribbean and Cruise & Maritime voyages. Managing Director of SYO Ltd., Marketing Texograph portraiture as sold since 2003 with Crystal, Celebrity, Royal Caribbean, Holland America and Fred Olsen. Cruised worldwide as Art Director for P & O. 2004/5. Specializes on Trans Ocean and Round the World Sectors. Founder Cruise Arts & Crafts Association, and The Cruise Speakers Association Asia.


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Household Cavalry

My family regiment, The Royal Horse Guards (The Blues) - The Premier Regiment of the British Army. The experiences of myself and my son over the past 50 years. In peace and war, State duties, the training of men and horses and the state kit.

Life & Times of Winston Churchill

Voted by the British People the “Greatest Briton of the past 1000 years.” His ancestors and family, early career and life in Politics. The leader of the Nation in war & peace. My rendering of some of the stories, featuring Lady Astor, Bessie Braddock, George VI, Field Marshal Montgomery, John Foster Dulles and many more.

Royal Scandals

The British Royal Family - all the vices of the common man - alcoholics, murderers, fornicators, divorcees, but with the power and funds to do what they pleased. Henry VIII, Charles II, George IV Edward VII & Edward VIII and Mrs Simpson.

Meanings of Words, Sayings and Rhymes



Henry VIII, his wives and mistresses. The desolation of the monasteries, his ministers, wars, intrigues, The Mary Rose and the founding of the British Empire.

Crimean War & Charge of the Light Brigade

Having visited the Crimea on many occasions, I talk about the country  and the origins of the war. The Generals Lords Raglan and Cardigan, the men and horses, Florence Nightingale. I close my rendering of The Charge of the Light Brigade by Lord Tennyson.

                               SINCE 2003 LECTURED WORLDWIDE WITH

             Celebrity - CMV - MSC - P & O - Princess - Thomson & Charters