Gary & Cherisse Zelesky

The Science of Laughter - Big Laughs, Bigger Lessons

Gary and Cherisse have been married over 28 years with only "brief" moments of disagreements. Together in 1990 they… ok Cherisse a stay at home mom ran the business while Gary ran around the world speaking. As a professional speaker and author of, “The Passion Centered Person” Gary has shared the stage with some amazing communicators over the years like Zig Ziglar and Mark Victor Hansen (Chicken Soup author).

Gary was featured on the TV show Inside Edition and considered one of the most entertaining speakers on the speaking circuit.

After publishing their ground-breaking book, “Big Laughs Bigger Lessons” and becoming empty nesters Gary and Cherisse began entertaining audiences with their hallmark humor and unforgettable stories.

Most recently Cherisse published her first children’s book entitle, “I Miss you Already” which has moms and their daughters lined up at our book table.

The Zelesky’s motto is, “we are loud, and we are proud”! They are to be experienced not merely heard.

About the Big Laughs! The power of a story…

When two people share an extended belly laugh together, they form a bond for life. Where we laughed, how hard we laughed, that is the story we tell. Rarely do we remember what made us laugh, it’s the laugh itself that matters most.

Laughter is not the same as humor--it’s BIGGER!

Laughter consists of two parts—a set of gestures and the production of sound. When we laugh the brain pressures us to conduct both of those activities simultaneously. When we laugh heartily, changes occur in many parts of our body, even the arm, leg and trunk muscles.

Under certain conditions, our bodies perform what the Encyclopedia Britannica describes as “rhythmic, vocalized, expiratory and involuntary actions” better known as laughter.

This is the science of laughter. God simply calls it medicine…

In their lecture series Gary and Cherisse deliver a large dose of this amazing medicine. If you have become tired, and are fast tracking toward a curmudgeon’s existence, let Gary and Cherisse Zelesky self-inflicted and self-healing humor save you.



Naked in Paradise: One place two perspectives!

Staying positive in negative moments

Your sense of humor will never be the same! Where do you find laughter when everything seems to be going wrong in such a beautiful place? It’s Maui Hawaii for crying out loud! And crying out loud is exactly what Gary did when things suddenly went south. Naked in Paradise is the perfect lecture for the newbie or veteran cruiser. This unforgettable true event will keep you laughing even when your seas get a little rough. Learn how two people can be in the same space but see things completely different.

Working out with Richard Simmons: Changing your atmosphere.

The priority of others and the perspective of gratitude

Working out with Richard Simmons wasn’t on Gary’s bucket list. This crazy true story shows just how laughter can become contagious and worth spreading if develop of great sense of humor. “You gotta work it!” Richard Simmons

Megan the Pagan:  You need hearing aids… say what?

Because hearing is different than listening

Sometimes laughter isn’t funny, but neither is not listening. The story of Megan the Pagan is hilarious, and the lesson is worth listening to. We have all been there… responding to what we thought we heard but wasn’t what was being said. Life-changing truth is often difficult to receive from someone who knows you and still chooses to love you. You will laugh until you learn to listen.



Singing to the Four Tops: The Art of Brain Filtering

What to do with a sour note

Warning! Warning! What you are about to say is going to make you appear to be really unwise. You just hit the “send button” to the wrong person, said something that will be regrettable or sang the wrong song to the right people.

The Zelesky's re-live this unbelievable moment of absolute hilarity Island hopping in Hawaii. Cherisse blocks the isle of a small plane while she sings to 4 bigger than life celebrities. Life lessons are not taught in a classroom but in moments of humility and hilarity.

Passion Centered Person





The most misunderstood word!

“Passion is the human fuel inside of every person. It is the one thing that ignites dormant dreams and gives new meaning to our lives” Gary Zelesky

What did it take for Felix Bumgardner to skydive from outer space other than millions of dollars and hundreds of planning hours? What do you think his greatest fear was and could his fear have a link to his passion? Do close calls draw us closer to our calling and are we never more alive than when we are truly afraid? Do not miss this compelling session as Gary explores the most miss understood word in the English language… Passion! What you don’t know is costing you time and money.

The Passion Cycle.

In this session Gary answers the life long question? What is my passion and my purpose. What is the one thing I would do everyday even if I never got paid a dime? Like a compass gives physical direction the passion cycle gives life direction. How does one go from crazy busy to highly productive? Am I truly pleasurable to be around? With his hallmark humor and amazing story telling Gary is the scout you have always wanted.

The “Know” Brainers:

In this fun and thought provoking session called, “The Know Brainier” Gary reveals the greatest challenge in passion discovery that being HOW WE THINK!

Left brainners struggle with even the need to know their passion while the right brain folks believe that passion should be lived 24/7. We will also discover the possibility of a third brainier. So, come as we try to get our brains around this!


Your Passion List

Do you remember the movie with Jack Nicolson called, The Bucket List”? In this session Gary we take you through the amazing journey of crafting your own bucket list.  Passion never dies but can remain dormant/buried until we go unbury the treasure within… your passion! The magic of true significance is when we put ink to our dreams and visions. The map to your destiny is waiting to be revealed!


The Passion Game!

Don’t this is not a board game! In fact, there is nothing boring about The Passion Game. Most people know more negatives about themselves and others than what truly energizes them. Our world is becoming more negative daily so let’s stop the madness if only for a few moments. Gary is the host of the Passion Game where everyone wins, and no one loses. The passion game is highly interactive and appeals to all ages.

An Important Note: Instructions will be given at the end of session four.