Lancashire Detective Superintendent (Rtd)

I am a retired Lancashire detective superintendent, who led many murder, terrorism and serious crime investigations over a 30 year career. I have spoken at national and international events on a wide range of subjects such as crime investigation, drug treatment, witness support, wellbeing, ethics, and as a witty after dinner speaker.


I am somewhat of an original thinker with a track record of delivering change, demonstrated when seeing the helplessness of drug addicted persistent offenders, I devised The Tower Project, the forerunner of all national drug treatment schemes. I reduced their offending by at least a third and for this work HM Queen Elizabeth II presented me with my OBE. 


I mapped out the extremism threat and prepared Lancashire for the 2012 Olympics and I am a vastly experienced murder investigator. I talk about some of the remarkable cases in which I was involved, including a gang related murder where 13 people were charged and I take the audience through the decision making ups and downs of such an investigation and trial. In another case I talk about the remarkable journey of a victim’s mum through the court process to ground breaking restorative justice where she meets the offenders.


I talk of my funny experiences being brought up on a dairy farm, through my police career and finally about successfully losing 5 stones in weight and then deciding to lecture on cruise ships. Madness!



The Murder and Mayhem Trilogy


I talk the audience through the most challenging murder enquiry of my career, when a young man was murdered and 13 people were charged with offences and eventually sentenced to nearly 200 years imprisonment. But, what trials and tribulations were encountered on the way. You the audience will make the decisions about 

  1. The scene

  2. The Investigation

  3. The Trial


  1. Murder, a Mum’s journey

The remarkable journey of a mum in challenging accepting lesser pleas than murder, the court appearance and finally the remarkable restorative justice process that led to the victim’s mum meeting the offenders in prison.


5. Radicalisation, Love overcomes Hatred 

Cutting through and challenging the nonsense of radicalisation and hatred. 


6. Inspire- An Idiots Guide to Succeeding in life. I teach school children on issues of drugs awareness, body shape issues, self-confidence and achieving your goals. Now I will take on the cruising community. 


7. Drugs and Laughs

I talk about my hilarious experiences and journey to reduce crime by treating and supporting chaotic drug users, working with the Salvation Army and finally meeting the HM Queen. 


8. Funny Policing Stories

30 years of laughs from joining the Sweeney in 1987 to leaving the Puritan police in 2017.


9. Funny Stories About Life Brought up on a Dairy Farm

The hard work, fun and life on the dairy farm.