I entered into the goldsmith trade via the London Collage of Arts and Crafts, and served a five-year apprenticeship with a firm of manufacturing jewellers in Bond Street, Mayfair in 1958.

At the end of my term I spent some time in South Africa working in the gold and diamond industry, and on my return to London I decided to set up a workshop and studio making jewellery to my own designs.

In 1980 entered into an exclusive deal with Garrards the Crown Jewellers to make a collection of jewellery to my design, this gave the financial backing that I needed to create the more exotic pieces that I had in mind and to start experimenting with using more enamel and finally to making gold objet d’art. The creations I have made since then have never been seen by the public as they have been shipped off to various palaces around the world, and I think it would be of great interest to see and hear how they have been created from the horses mouth as it were as every piece has been designed and made by me and my team of highly skilled outworkers.

I have previously spoken on Princess Cruises.

Edward Evans talks on Goldsmithing and jewellery.


(1) An Introduction to Goldsmithing  From the 15th to the 20th century.


(2) The life and works of :

Cellini 1500-1571 AD Artist, Sculptor, Goldsmith and Murderer.

Carl Faberge 1846-1920 goldsmith and Jewelers to the Russian Imperial Court          

Rene Lalique 1860-1945 Artist/Jeweler, glassmaker extraordinaire, genius of the Art Nouveau period.


(3) My early years in the Jewelry trade with slides and descriptions of my more important pieces and designs.


(4) My transition from jewelry to gold objet d’ art, from small perfume holders, to pairs of table lamps retailing in excess of two million dollars.


(5) My first of highly decorated gold, diamond gem sett, and enameled, handguns, and 28 subsequent pieces some retailing for over a million dollars.


(6) A master class on enameling, with examples of the art through the ages, I have used it extensively on my creations

Other methods of decoration i.e. engine-turning, diamond and gem stone setting, engraving etc.


(7) History of the Goldsmiths Hall and Hall marks, description of The Cheapside Jewelry Hoard one of the most significant treasure f of the 20th century, could it have been part of the proceeds of one of the biggest robberies ever.


(8) Art work, how designs are conceived, an illustration and explantion of my designs, and subsequent commissions, and the unfortunate ones that didn’t make it.


(9) The Good The Bad and The Ugly…My experiences and ups and downs of working in the Gold trade for over 50 years.