Dr. Peter Dingle  BEd, BSc, Hons, PhD, WASM

Science, with a human touch

Nobody knows health and wellness like Dr Peter Dingle, Australia’s most engaging and innovative thought leader on the topics of health and wellness . 

“Dr Dingle has spent the past 30 years as a researcher, educator, communicator and author. Formerly an associate professor at Murdoch University, Dr D has written 15 books on living well. 

Blending motivation and humour, Dr Dingle regularly appears on state and national media. He was the presenter on the award-winning SBS program, “Is Your House Killing You?” and appeared regularly on ABC’s “Can We Help?” Dr Dingle is also the grandfather of the acclaimed “Living Smart” program and the creator of the “StarFoods” food rating system.

One of the most informative and entertaining health speakers in Australia, Dr Dingle helps cut through medical and health myths to give you the real facts on evidence-based wellness. He presents cutting-edge research findings in an accessible, down-to-earth manner—and is known for his straight-shooting style, sense of humour and the occasional magic trick or juggling display.

I have done around 6 cruise ships where I have presented out of either Fremantle or Sydney. In May 2017 I did Sydney to Seattle and had 16 presentations. I have another one booked from Sydney around the Pacific Islands on January 20 2018

Scientist and internationally acclaimed speaker 

Very Experienced Cruise Presenter

Cruise talks

1.   Take control and improve your health

2.   Improve your memory on a cruise

3.   Live longer: Ageing well

4.   Toxic overload

5.   Eat your way to health on a cruise (yes we have done it)

6.   The Gut health link. Creating a healthy you

7.   Eating for weight loss

8.   7 lifestyle tips for permanent weight loss

9.   Overcoming illness. How to stop diabetes, high blood pressure and Alzheimer’s in its tracks

10.  Stress less and live more

11.  Super foods and supplements for the over 50’s

12.  Exercise and activity for 50’s and over

13.  Brain nutrition

14.  Happiness, humour and fun

15   Healthy digestion

16   More Happiness humour and fun

17   Chocolate, coffee, wine and much more