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The growth of cooperation among Global Organised Crime groups has increased significantly because restrictions have lessened between international borders and the impact of the internet as a tool of criminality increase.  The scale of organised crime groups co-ordinating and reaping the benefits of serious crime including drug trafficking, extortion, money laundering, people smuggling, bribery, and fraud schemes is colossal. It is estimated that the $900 billion generated for crime groups each year equates to nearly 2% of Global GDP  Globally Crime groups are however moving  away from traditional crime towards criminality where enforcement is not a threat to them, such as Environmental Crime. There is evidence of toxic waste and material being dumped by criminals in third world countries thereby harming communities and the environment.
Traditional Law Enforcement Agencies have insignificant resources and technical knowledge to cope with the scale and volume. Now is the time to create a stronger international response. The current system is not "broken." However, the threat itself is growing in terms of its scale and complexity at a fast rate. It is important to look at possible ways in which the international response to Global Organized Crime can be improved.
 In order to understand the significance of improving current policy and national efforts against Global Organized Crime, the changing nature and seriousness of the threat must first be understood. To comprehend the scale there is no doubt that Human Geographers have a key role to play. The knowledge of the cultural landscape is a key ingredient in enabling Law Enforcement to understand the impact of Globalisation.
In his presentation entitled “Global Organised Crime Groups-Putting them out of business” Don explores some examples of the types and nature of Organised Crime, what we can do about Organised Crime, its impact and what preventative and detection measures can be taken to stem this growing economy.

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Donald Brown as a former Detective Chief Superintendent which expertise on tackling organised crime is a much sought after adviser on risk management and public safety. As an adviser  to Her Majesty’s Government and several public services throughout the United Kingdom he was instrumental in developing and implementing the national ‘ From Local to Global Organised Crime Strategy.’  His work in this regard received national acclaim and personal recognition from the then Home Secretary, now Prime Minister Theresa. May.
  As a qualified University lecturer he has conducted numerous successful seminars on his subject area on the international circuit. This has included International students who are embarking on Higher Education degree courses such as Human Geography, Sociology and Criminology in Universities throughout England and Wales.  Donald is an expert on British Culture, Crime and local History, his services are often in demand by visiting delegations to Manchester.” 

Don Brown - Detective Chief Superintedent Rtd