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Douglas Eaton

Douglas Eaton has written for magazines as diverse as Real Business, Iberia Golf and the Commercial Motor. He gives talks that educate and entertain, on an eclectic range of subjects – from the Vikings and the Musical Theatre, to Murder and the Olympic Games. His first twenty-one years were spent in Liverpool, studying at the University of Liverpool, performing at The Cavern Club alongside The Beatles with his rock group, working for Brian Epstein, and booking bands in to colleges in the north of England.


He spent thirty years in international corporate business, with conglomerates such as Unilever and Reed International, and small businesses that few people have ever heard of! After receiving the Queen’s Award for Enterprise from Her Majesty in 2000, he sold his shares in Colour Workshop, where he had been the CEO, and which had grown from £2m to £25m in five years.


At this time, he  ‘re-invented’ himself, and in the last fifteen years – as well as gaining a reputation as a speaker to social groups and on cruise ships - has been a mentor, a business adviser in the developing world,  established a house-building company, has  become a publisher, and still plays music.


He has cruised extensively, including Asia and the Southern Hemisphere -  Singapore, Malacca, Penang, Bangkok, Phuket, Brunei, Nha Trang, Ho Chi Minh City, Sri Lanka, and the Maldives




The Life and Times of Sir Stamford RAFFLES (South East Asia)


THE AGE OF DISCOVERY: How the Portuguese conquered the World (Madeira, the Azores, Cape Verde, India, Brazil and China)

MADCAP IDEAS – QUIRKY INVENTIONS – “things we didn’t know we needed and things we could probably do without!”

The Queen’s KNICKERS and other VICTORIAN Revelations - life at home 100 years ago

The NAUGHTY NINETIES –the Victorians knew how to enjoy themselves

What did the VIKINGS ever do for us? (Scandinavia, the Fjords and the Baltic)                                                       

The quirky history of the OLYMPIC GAMES (Greece)

200 Years of MURDER – the British obsession with Crimeand Detective Novels

RUSSIA’S GOLDEN AGE – architecture, novelists, composers, and Faberge In the 19th century (St Petersburg and the Baltics)

THE TSARS and the fall of the HOUSE OF ROMANOV – Peter the Great and Catherine the Great through to the looming presence of Rasputin (St Petersburg and the Baltics)

The fascinating World of COMMEMORATIVE PLAQUES


The Biggest HITS in West End MUSICAL THEATRE

The Biggest MUSICAL THEATRE FLOPS on Broadway and the West End

MY MAGICAL MUSICAL MYSTERY TOUR – I played alongside THE BEATLES at The Cavern Club

“Always Look on the Bright Side” – SONGS THAT MAKE YOU SMILE

The history of PANTOMIME and the PANTOS “WHAT I WROTE” 10

     (These presentations include musical accompaniment)