Dawn Osborne

Rock Music, Art and Crime

Dawn Osborne, a graduate of Magdalen College Oxford, is an experienced speaker having practiced copyright litigation law for over twenty five years. This makes her well placed to discuss the more interesting of legal topics to the general public including notorious cases of serial killers. Dawn is now also a successful rock photo journalist with a radio show specialising in interviewing Rock Legends such as Suzi Quatro and Steve Hackett of Genesis and so has a wealth of inside information on those with a rock n roll lifestyle including those who have met a tragic end. With her Oxford connections Dawn is also the Editor of the Magazine of the Friends of the Pitt Rivers Museum due to her lively interest in Anthropology having written for the magazine for many years on subjects as wide ranging as the arts and crafts of the Kuna of Panama, the eclipse at the Easter Island Statues and Spider Divination in the Cameroon having travelled extensively herself to places as wide ranging as Timbuktu, Egypt, South Africa, Tibet, China, Hong Kong, Thailand, Borneo, India, Nagaland, Peru, Chile, Russia, Australia, New Zealand and Japan, as well as extensively in the Europe and the United States where she has a particular interest in Native American studies having studied Arts of the World at the British Museum. Dawn has also studied the History of Art in London and is interested in the lives of artists behind their works. Dawn can customise talk content to be region specific depending on cruise destinations. In short Dawn is a lively observer of people, culture, customs and the arts and is comfortable speaking on a wide range of topics relating to the above.




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