Clive Mayhew

 With over thirty years’ experience in horticulture and arboriculture, Clive has worked for organisations including English Heritage and The National Trust. His personal interest in history and the First World War, took on a professional dimension through advising Commonwealth War Graves Commission on tree maintenance. 

Clive is also an RNLI volunteer.  His present role includes launch and recovery work driving a 19 tonne semi-submersible tractor! 

Clive’s personal interest in classical and maritime history has helped to fuel a lifetime of travel to some of the world’s most remarkable historical sites.   

As a public speaker, Clive brings great knowledge and an infectious passion to all his talks. He has presented in many venues including: The Royal Botanic Gardens Kew in London, Hong Kong and the United States.

Talks include:

Designing the Perfect Garden

  • Design tips for perfect garden.


The Great Trees of Britain

  • Big, beautiful and ancient trees - can be destination focused.


Gardens for Princes and People

  • The world’s finest gardens are used to illustrate this 1,000 year old story.


The RNLI – 190 years of saving lives at sea

  • With historic photographs and hair-raising footage, we follow the story of the heroic lifeboat volunteers who save lives at sea. This talk can be destination focused.


Our Silent Vigil

  • The Commonwealth War Graves Commission’s tend graves and monuments in 153 countries worldwide. This talk looks at the organisation’s history and work. A general or destination focused talk.


D-Day and the Normandy beaches.

  • The Channel’s waters were not always so calm; in 1944 the Normandy beaches witnessed the world’s largest troop landings.


The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World

  • The Mediterranean Sea was at the heart of the fabulous seven wonders of the ancient world.  This talk visits those legendary sites and imagines them in their original glory.  It also reflects on the passage of time and what is left of these magnificent wonders today.


(Enter Cruise Destination): A unique Greek island

  • Greece has over two hundred inhabited islands, and many are homes to the oldest European civilizations.  This talk looks at (insert cruise destination(s)) and discovers it’s (their) unique history, culture and tradition.


(Enter Cruise Destination): An ancient port city 

  • The Mediterranean Sea links some of the ancient world’s most famous cities. These talk(s) looks at that ancient highway, and how centuries of war, trade and treasure has left its mark on (insert cruise destination(s).


Nelson and the Naples affair

  • Nelson is Britain’s most famous admiral, but in Naples he and Emma Hamilton became embroiled in an infamous affair that scandalised ‘polite’ society across Europe.


The Mediterranean Sea – Two thousand years of conflict

  • The Mediterranean Sea has cradled world civilisation, but for centuries has also been a theatre of naval conflict. This talk follows that story from the ancient galleys of Rome, through battles in the golden age of sail, and up to the Malta’s gallant stand in WW2.   


The world’s greatest archaeological treasure

  • Some suggest the pyramids, others the mask of Tutankhamun.  For many the title goes to a remarkable bronze artefact discovered by Greek divers in 1900, but which took another 70 years to decipher.  This talk unravels that mystery.


EXPERIENCED CRUISE SPEAKER- Worked with both English Heritage and The National Trust.