Equity, Society Of Authors,  Actress, Author, Voice Over Artist, After Dinner Speaker, Television Presenter, Murder Mystery Evenings Coordinator, BBC Radio.

Christine is a popular and experienced speaker, very happy in front of live audiences, television cameras and radio microphones. She has appeared in television documentaries, commercials and soap operas. For seven years, she read short stories for BBC Radio Merseyside and has recorded numerous full length audio novels for Harper Collins and Ulverscroft Soundings, delighting in a multitude of character and comedy voices. The recent dubbing of a ten episode French television series into American/English was particularly interesting. Christine's own books form the material for a series, that she presented, of illustrated social history programmes on television. She lives in the heart of Beatles country, surrounded by the homes of other famous show-biz and sporting personalities such as Ken Dodd, Willy Russell and Bill Kenwright. Her experiences teaching in a huge comprehensive school and, contrastingly, behind the scenes in show-biz, provide many hilarious anecdotes. She has taught all age groups from the very youngest to adult and teenage sixth form students. In yet another genre, she hosts Murder Mystery weekends in 4* and 5* hotels, in the character of Lady Catherine, interacting with the guests. The action/plot supposedly all takes place on board a fictitious cruise liner where all the passengers are famous film and sporting stars. 

TOPICS include:-

1] Penny Lane, Memory Lane Faces and Places (associated with The Beatles)

2] Coco Chanel, WW2 Traitor To Her Country And To The UK

3] The History Of Broadcasting, Life And Work Of Marconi, Logie Baird, Lord Reith

4] Hollywood Stars Born In Britain. Part One - Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton

5] Part Two - Rex Harrison, Julie Andrews, Roddy McDowell, Charlie Chaplin

6] Private Lives Of Unconventional Northerners, Thomas Beecham, Miss Bluebell, George Stephenson, Emma Hamilton,     Hugh Owen Thomas, The Mole Of Edge Hill.

7] Humorous Question And Answer session With Cruise Director , Showbiz/ Teaching Life Contrasts

8] New Research For Any Prospective Destination


The Caribbean - Cruise And Maritime

Iceland And The Northern Isles - Cruise And Maritime

Round Britain, Ireland And Scotland - Thomson

As a passenger, Christine has visited Chile, Argentina, Australia, New Zealand, Scandinavia, Europe, Egypt, Morocco, America.