Charlie Dalton

Enrichment and Destination

Charlie Dalton BA(Hons), Cert Ed, MAAT, MBA

Charlie was born in the UK but now lives in New Zealand.  He has had a charmed and varied life. Amongst other work activities, he has been an entrepreneur, a windsurf instructor, a high school teacher, a big firm trained accountant, hospital porter  and university lecturer. 

His current role as a speaker and lecturer takes him around the world. He has delivered numerous lectures (at sea and on land), after dinner speeches, seminars and courses (China, Czech Republic, Mauritius, Australia, Malawi, UK, Malaysia, New Zealand, Western Mediterranean ,Pacific islands) and to widely differing groups. His great strength is to deliver lectures in an interesting and entertaining manner which are tailored his audiences.


  • How to deal with difficult people and come away smiling

  • How to manage your time for a better life

  • How to win friends and influence people

  • How to persuade and negotiate for a better deal

  • How to solve problems and make decisions