Angela Hindle  BA (Hons) PGCE

Creative Writing

I was born in Cheadle, Cheshire, England and have lived in many areas of England before settling near York.

I am a freelance writer and many of my stories and articles have been published in a variety of magazines and newspapers. Endeavour Press published two of my novels as e books.

I have led residential writing courses at Cober Hill, Scarborough and delivered a course of talks on creative writing at the Yorkshire Playhouse, Leeds.

My love of speaking developed during my 30-year teaching career where I particularly enjoyed working as a college lecturer. My degree included Psychology and it has enabled me to understand more about what makes people tick!

My teaching career emphasised to me the need to engage with my audience by speaking on topics I am passionate about. I like to be authentic and to diversify my delivery as my students taught me that different people learn in different ways.

I founded a book club ten years ago which is still going strong and I am happy, on longer cruises, to organise book clubs as an extension activity to my presentations - I could offer workshops too.

All talks are PowerPoint illustrated, but I don’t allow technology to obscure my talk and my speeches can still be delivered if technology fails!



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